Live Fearlessly








Can we ever learn to live without fear? Is that even possible in this world? Aren’t we taught from a very early age that we are small- that we have to “earn” our way back into God’s good graces. Remember Sunday school? Oh my gosh- there we sat, so young, so innocent, so trusting…and what were we told!? That we were born sinners- that we were damned unless we could prove to God (who would one day judge us) that we had lived our lives as perfectly as possible and been good enough to win our way back into heaven. Not only that, but God had sent his only son down here to die on the cross because of our nastiness! Continue reading


The Next Time You See This…..

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….don’t allow it to push you into fear, anger or the belief you are a victim. I know it’s hard, but let’s turn the tables on the ones who are doing this. What if every time we saw spraying, it triggered us to remember the truth of who we are? What if, instead of responding from a place of negativity, it moved us closer to Love? How long do you think this would persist? So my challenge to you is this; send love…..yes love, to those who are doing this. In truth, that is the only response we should have. Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

We’ve all been getting a little impatient, haven’t we? We want to “be there”….arrive at our destination…that destination being the 5th dimension, right? It feels as if we’ve been at this for a very long time; our patience is getting thin, our hearts are heavy with the sadness of looking at the atrocities taking place out there . Our bodies feel fatigued, our lives are in disarray as we tend to one crisis and then another. Relationships are strained, finances are tight, health issues are showing up and we sometimes wonder if anything positive is ever going to happen. Where is this 5th dimension…this “new earth” that we were promised? And why are we still seeing so many people deep in their unconscious state- totally oblivious to what is happening around them….how is that even possible? Continue reading

A Prayer to Wake the Dreamer

I facilitate A Course in Miracles group that meets every week. We come together to help each other remember the truth of who we are. For 90 minutes we escape from the illusion of separation and join together in One Mind. It is the highlight of my week. Those who are drawn to be a part of this gathering are like-minded, loving people whose lights shine brightly. One brilliant sparkle that we are blessed to have join with us is a young woman by the name of Talitha. Five years ago she wrote this paper for a class and after she shared it with us, I knew I had to share it with the world. Please enjoy. Continue reading

Making a Difference

How can we make a difference in this world? What can each and every one of us do, starting today, to add light to this world? That is why we came here, right? To add our light to this world. Well, I have a suggestion…..surrender….don’t stop reading….go for it- explore this topic that causes fear in so many of us.

What is it like to live in a state of surrender? How is it so different from the way most people live their lives. And does it mean we give up control….give up our treasured free will? Let’s look at these questions so that we can bring some clarity to the one issue I harp on most….surrender! Continue reading

My Struggle with Chemtrails…..or Why It’s So Important To Look At What We Fear

I’ve struggled with chemtrails from the very first moment I was forced to accept the reality of their existence. Like most, I hid from the horrible implications of this most heinous crime against Gaia and her children. I could not fathom such evil existed. I do not accept being cast in the role of victim, so I went to my fallback position, which was to ask Sprit to help me perceive this in a different manner. It’s been about 3 years since I first became aware of the spraying and I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. I tried, I really tried to see it as energy needing to be released as humanity ascended, but then I would awaken to a sky crisscrossed in giant plumes of chemicals and I would feel anger, resentment, depression… name it. My peace was disturbed by this horrific, often daily, act. I had trouble believing all was in Divine Order and as a result I felt the need to do something….anything. Continue reading

The Death of Karma

A while back….when we weren’t looking, karma slipped quietly from the planet. It had been born into the three dimensional world through the fear based thoughts humanity held against themselves and been supported by our belief in separation, along with the horrible thought that we had been abandoned by our Creator. We sustained karma by projecting our deep seeded guilt onto others and our selves. Humanity forgot that it was not possible for our Creator to forsake us and for the longest time we never realized that we were the ones that turned our backs on Him. This event created such a horrific sense of guilt that we could not bear to look upon it and so projection of our fear based thoughts brought into being a world that reflected and supported those very beliefs. After all, we are powerful children of a powerful Creator and we have been endowed with certain gifts. This world…this world that was originally created as paradise became a world filled with disease, destruction, pollution, war, abuse and death as a result of our thoughts. Continue reading