Now What


It was Tuesday November 15th of 2011 and I anxiously paced the floor all day. Several times I went to the window to search the sky for the ship I knew was coming for me. I felt them nearby, but even more, I had been told that a meeting was going to take place and I needed to be there. I didn’t care what the reason was- I just wanted to be with my guys again on the ships I loved so dearly. Secretly, I was hoping that this would be my final “pick-up” and that I’d not be returned to the 3-D world, but be allowed to stay on that side of the veil for the upcoming event. As I prepared for bed I felt a little let down. Clearly, it was going to be one of those “middle of the night” episodes that I am not so fond of. I preferred they come during the daylight hours- they knew that…darn it.

The next morning I knew nothing had happened and once again I started to watch the sky. I could still feel them near, so I knew the rendezvous was still on. Midafternoon on the 16th my partner and I went into town to do a few errands. I’m not sure what time it was when we started to head home- maybe about 4. It was November, so it was just starting into the twilight part of the day as the sun made its way toward the horizon. We were about a mile from my house when we came up a little rise and saw a large ship floating silently and slowly up the valley. It was low- just skimming the tops of the scattered trees in the pasture. Neither of us thought to take a picture of the beautiful ship- which shows we were already under their control to some extent, as my friend always took pictures- he’s a bit of a fanatic about that. I turned to him and asked him if he saw it and he nodded. We were both mesmerized by the sight.

The next thing we knew we were about 50 yards up the road, parked on the shoulder and the ship was gone. I got upset- I thought I’d missed the meeting and along with it, the opportunity to go onboard. We drove further up the road looking for them, but nothing. Slowly, the memories started to come to the surface. We had gone aboard the ship. I clearly remembered having to go through a decontamination procedure- something I’d never had to do before. I didn’t have a lot of recall, but I was very emotional after this encounter…sad being the most prevalent feeling. I didn’t know why, except I knew that I’d heard the word “hijack” during my time on the ship. Eventually, I recalled that I’d been told that the dark forces were fighting harder and longer than we’d anticipated. They were trying, once again, to hijack the awakening of humanity. The timeline for earth’s ascension had to be postponed for some years….as long as ten years- to give earth’s children time to raise their frequency and, hopefully, not miss this opportunity yet again. I recalled there were representatives from many different galactic races and it was an intensely serious gathering. There was more that occurred in that meeting, but I am still not sure of the details. They blocked me very well. I even flew to California to meet with Daryl Anka and get a reading from Bashar to open up the memory, but was told that some things, I simply could not know at this time.

So now it is 2018 and events are starting to move very quickly. We are in the midst of the chaos Da had warned me about, but it will get worse before it gets better. I would like to offer my thoughts on what might help us all to traverse these times and hopefully bring about the change we all long to experience.

1) One of the most important things we should do is to always keep upper most in our thoughts the truth that there is no one out there doing anything to us. It is imperative that we stay out of victim mentality. We are in an illusion. This is a game we are playing with ourselves. This is not easy for a lot of people to grasp and maintain as a core belief, but it is the truth. Our collective unconscious fear is what is playing out in front of us. Only by moving into a frequency of love can we bring about the “defeat” of the so called dark forces.

2) Let go of all beliefs. Empty yourself of all attachments to everything you have been told is real and true. You don’t need to analyze anything or find new beliefs, unless it is a belief that all beliefs are crutches. (-: That is the only purpose beliefs should serve in this illusory world…to help move you toward the truth. So become like an empty vessel- attachments of any kind will just hold you back and cause you to suffer.

3) Remember the truth of who you are. You are not your body. You are not alone. You cannot, in truth, be hurt or destroyed. Those things are only true in the illusion and we are in the process of leaving the illusion behind. We are moving into a reality where we will experience only that which is true. And that is love. All else will fall away…let it go.

4) Finally, take good care of your physical body during this time of transformation. Love it, honor it and appreciate it. I can hear you thinking- she just said, “We are not our body….this is a contradiction!” Actually, it is not. We are still in the game and we need to play by the rules for a while longer. That is what many of us find so challenging- to hold the truth of who we are while still in the matrix. It’s tough. Avoid all immunizations & find natural remedies instead of prescription drugs, eat only clean, organic food, avoid excess alcohol- none would be better, detox often, try to avoid meat, drink lots of clean water- which is not as easy as it should be. Exercise, go into stillness, spend as much time in nature as you can. Find balance. Read & listen to inspiring words and music. Monitor your thoughts- keep them of a high vibration.

I want to make clear here that this battle between light and dark is real only to the extent that we allow it to be real. Ego built this world and we allowed it, so we must be the ones to make a new world based in love. This so-called fight between good and evil is the same battle that is going on within us as we struggle to let go of that which has controlled our lives for so long….our fear. The fear comes from believing we are separate. It comes from the belief that we can be hurt. The irony is that we are doing it to ourselves and the fix is easy. Just remember who you are…that is why this is called the awakening.


Remembering Our Purpose

purple sky

What is our purpose? Who are we and why are we here? These are the questions we should be asking at this time and the answer needs to be carried in our hearts as we move forward. More than ever it is critical that we not be distracted or waiver from our true purpose. There is a lot going on out there in the matrix – don’t let it fool you into believing it is real. Right now we are being presented with some huge choices–some very intriguing stories and potentials are being put before us. This planet has a very colorful history with a lot of villains and good guys.  Add to that the secrecy, lies, ongoing deception, ET involvement, enslavement of humanity and we have a very intriguing story, to say the least. Continue reading

How the Light Coming onto the Planet will Transform Life

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The following is a channeled message my dear friend, Jon, received on 1/14/2016.  As you will read, they refer to him as starseed. In this transmission they explain what is about to occur on our planet in the next phase of our ascension process. I thought it was interesting and so I am sharing it here. Enjoy!

The Oneness of the Light will bring humanity together in these times ahead. We are your Arcturian self and family of Light dear one. We make up a higher dimensional system of quantities of the Light. This translucent Light moves through all matter including the etheric level of Earth. The energy system throughout the Earth plane is reducing the visible effects of the lower resonance energy of the older order of groups. Continue reading

Picking Up the Pieces of My Life

I have been absent for awhile. Since about March, I have not been able to find the energy or clarity of thought to post to this blog. I am slowly recovering, but it remains to be seen if I will return to full health without any residual effects.

I got pretty angry when I realized what had happened to me…even before the diagnosis of poison, I was not happy to see my body struggle with a debilitating illness that I was not able to heal. To say it pushed a lot of buttons would be an understatement!  Buttons that I thought I’d pretty well moved beyond. I demanded to know where my protection had been…how had THEY (my guys) allowed this to happen to me!?  Then I demanded that they fix it! Well, they didn’t and they aren’t going to.
Continue reading

The Game of Otherness

sherry child (2)See this little girl? She has been crying out to me for a while, trying hard to get my attention, but I’ve been too busy. I look away, brush her aside and say, “Maybe later, sweetie.” I do my best to ignore her, after all, what can I do? Too much time has gone by….the damage is done. But still she waits. I look deep into those eyes and feel the sadness there….the fear, and I say, “I wish I could help you, but I cannot. Don’t you see how busy I am? And it’s fruitless, there’s no changing things now.” She tries to hide behind that Mona Lisa smile, but I know better. I know only too well how frightened she is. Continue reading

Coping with the Awakening Process

What if I told you that you are the center of the universe….that it all revolves around you. And what if I told you that everything you believe you are seeing with your eyes is being created by you. Shakespeare said that all the worlds a stage, but did you know that you are the actor, screen writer, producer and set designer? All those people you see out there are actors in your drama, playing the part you gave them. All the events playing out in your life….the highs, the lows, the wins, the losses are all being orchestrated by you. Continue reading

Increasing Frequencies & The Results

I came awake one morning last summer with Da’s words echoing in my head…”It’s time you initiate contact Sherry….it’s time for you to take control.”  Wait a minute, I’d been trying to “be in control” of this whole experience ever since I awakened to my secret life of ET contact. How many times had I said, “Come ring my doorbell on Sunday afternoon like a respectable guest would do- you’ll be welcomed in and we’ll have a nice visit.” He would always be quite amused by that and show me I was not ready. Damn- he was right…my fear was still not under control. So what had changed now? Was my body over that rush of fear based adrenaline it always felt when I first see my guys? My heart was ready- it had been for awhile now, but my body disappointed me every time- going weak with the memory of fear that was buried within its structure. Continue reading