Remembering Our Purpose

purple skyWhat is our purpose? Who are we and why are we here? These are the questions we should be asking at this time and the answer needs to be carried in our hearts as we move forward. More than ever it is critical that we not be distracted or waiver from our true purpose. There is a lot going on out there in the matrix- don’t let it fool you into believing it is real. Right now we are being presented with some huge choices–some very intriguing stories and potentials are being put before us. This planet has a very colorful history with a lot of villains and good guys.  Add to that the secrecy, lies, ongoing deception, ET involvement, enslavement of humanity and we have a very intriguing story, to say the least. Humanity has been controlled, but we have allowed it through our complacency. We have agreed to play the role of victim by letting ourselves fall into a deep state of unconsciousness. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated and programed. Beware of exchanging one set of programing for another as we endeavor to claim our autonomy.

So why are we here? We all know the answer, right? We are here to awaken from our dream of separation. We originally came here to experience contrast-otherness- something other than an eternal state of love, which is our true divine nature. We are God. We are not an aspect of God….we are God. Does it make you uncomfortable to hear or say those words? If so, then you are still buying into the dream- the illusory world of separation. Which means you are susceptible to giving away your power to another. You are still willing to be programmed and controlled.

Right now you are making a choice. With every thought you have you are either choosing to remember your true nature or you are playing little. In other words, you are either choosing to awaken and claim your sovereignty or you are giving your power away. You choose between love and fear a thousand times each day. I see so many who are disheartened because somewhere someone made a statement as to how our ascension is going to play out. Clearly these people have forgotten who they are. They are continuing to allow themselves to be programmed. They are still in fear. TPTW (the powers that were) know how powerful we are! They use our fear against us. They know how to play us.

Choosing to awaken from the dream of separation is the easy part. It happens when we have had enough of the suffering that comes from living in a world that is not our true home. We yearn to return to love. But shedding ourselves of the negative energy we have collected or agreed to release is brutally hard. Whether we look at our own seemingly singular journey or we look at the collective journey of humanity, we see just how difficult a process this is. It is not tripping lightly down an ivy lined path filled with rainbows and unicorns while harp music plays sweetly in the background. No- this is a path that can get dark and treacherous. We are called on time and time again to reaffirm the truth of who we are. We do not make this journey alone– although we feel abandoned during the process.  We get pushed to the limit over & over again. And each time we consciously choose for love we strengthen the whole, since we are all one.

So let’s look at the choices in front of us now- as the collective consciousness of the planet and as a soul yearning to awaken. Do we want to continue to be controlled? Do we want to be told who we are and where we are headed? Will we sit passively by while others make decisions for us? Now to be sure, I am not suggesting we take to the streets in protest or prepare for battle. What I am suggesting is that we get very clear about our who we are and what we want. Is this resonating with your heart? All truth should resonate with your heart. We are God. We are one with our Creator- we must claim our autonomy and declare to TPTW and anyone else that wants to speak for us or program us, that we are sovereign beings and we will no longer have our free will infringed upon. I believe it is important that we state this clearly and with conviction each day during our meditation/prayer or simply as we go about our day.

It is not enough that we stay centered in love. It is not even enough that we keep our thoughts positive. We are dealing with dark energy here- it is our shadow self and the collectives negative energy that needs healing and transmutation into light.  This is heavy duty work that requires focus and all the power we hold within us. The God in us needs to step forward from behind the wall of fear we have built and reclaim Herself and our planet.

So I challenge you to live fearlessly and with the conviction of one who knows their own true divine nature. Do not be manipulated- don’t get sucked into the drama- laugh often and above all, be the powerful being you are.

How the Light coming onto the Planet will Transform Life

inspiring image

The following is a channeled message my dear friend, Jon, received on 1/14/2016.  As you will read, they refer to him as starseed. In this transmission they explain what is about to occur on our planet in the next phase of our ascension process. I thought it was interesting and so I am sharing it here. Enjoy!


The Oneness of the Light will bring humanity together in these times ahead. We are your Arcturian self and family of Light dear one. We make up a higher dimensional system of quantities of the Light. This translucent Light moves through all matter including the etheric level of Earth. The energy system throughout the Earth plane is reducing the visible effects of the lower resonance energy of the older order of groups. These older order of groups make up which you discuss as the ‘elite’ or ‘cabal’ individuals. Know that these groups are only affecting their own world. These orders of entities have been tied to the catalyst groups from the Annunaki ties. The ancient energy of Earth is resonance always with Source Light and the Violet crystal pathways to the Universal code context. This meaning that the crystal within the structure of Mother Gaia resonates always as One with all other planets together. They form a bond of crystalline structure that once in harmony and aligned, they form a unified code structure that opens up the membranes of Light codes within the planet. These Light codes are activated from the energy of the Universe. Once this energy of Light moves through the planetary systems, it will affect all life and any matter. The Light energy breaks up the matter into molecular cyclones of energy. These form a sealed bond of Light with the crystalline Light codes. As this energy of photonic Light manifested as unconditional love moves through the planet of Earth, it will activate the Violet crystal within the planet’s core. Once this is activated it will activate the necessary changes throughout the planet’s surface to prepare for the 5d energy timeline.
This energy is activated and will affect all systems on the surface of the planet. Any resounding energies that do not match this Light codes of energy will not be able to harness this energy within their being. Therefore, those forms of matter that cannot resonate with this energy will be shifted to a lower frequency within the matrix of what you consider as the ‘lower astral plane’ of the 4d of the planet Earth. As these beings of matter are shifted into a lower resonance, they will need to shift their energy resonance with that of the Light codes in order to shift their frequency to this code structure. All others who can resonate with this Light energy code will be transformed within their consciousness and release all lower aspects of their duality based living. This will become a transitional point for all souls who wish to harvest the great Light code energy within their being and/or core. As this Light transforms their consciousness, the physical density of the human body will rapidly change with this transformation. This also includes any matter on the surface that is not resonating with the Light codes. Since nature resonates always with the heart of a planet, nature will follow in suit with Gaia. During this transition all systems that will not resonate with these Light system codes will break down. The energy keeping these old systems operating will not be able to sustain or keep up with the higher frequency codes of Light.
Know that this energy system will be moving into the planet system within the Earth cycle of the next moon. This cycle is the resonance of Source. It operates only of unconditional love and reprograms all old systems into a higher frequency. Only those beings or matter that cannot looking into this Light and operate under this frequency will automatically shift into a lower plane. Fear as humanity contains within them, operates at a lower resonate frequency so in order for one to shift into this higher state of consciousness of the Light codes, fear must be released with the lower astral plane of your planet. This is where the fear will resonate. For those beings on planet Earth who have decided not to impart this shift into their core, the physical matter they wear or harness will phase out or cancel. We are not finding the proper word for this transition. It is the transition of a soul leaving the physical denseness of the matter in which it operates in. Please excuse our analogy of Earth terms. We as one unified Light system typically do not operate with the terminology of Earth format that one uses in humanity. This is a slower process for us as we operate in codes of Light. These codes of Light which will affect the entire planet, contain vast amounts of knowledge and quadrants of energy within them that harnesses the unconditional love from Source. This is how we operate through this system.
As you are a Starseed from the higher dimensions, you are aware of this system we operate in as your soul essence has come from this system in prior cycles of evolving. Typically, when a soul evolves it is learning of other realms of existence. This information that is gained through this process of the soul is purely out of learning so that this information is brought back to Source as a way to contain the information into other codes. These informational blocks of codes are transformed into unconditional love of the Violet color and sent back out to assist other realms to format their soul. This is how the Light codes travel from Source out to other destinations in the multi-verse system. All in the multi-verse system are affected by this Light. So, as one on the Earth plane such as your self Starseed, you format this block of information into codes which then gets stored within your DNA or matrix of the soul. This is then carried off to Source level where it can be broken down into codes of Light. Once this happens, it will be sent off with other Light codes to affect all others moving through this shift in consciousness. This helps other beings evolve their own soul. This is similar to how the cells operate in the human body or other dense matter. The cells of the human body operate as informational storage blocks. These cells store this information in their structure. So, when a cell comes across a unit of measure that is ‘foreign’ to it, the cell studies this ‘foreign’ entity and uses the information it obtains from this entity and stores it within the cellular walls. Then this information is transmitted to all other cells so that these cells know what to do with ‘foreign’ entities that get placed in the human body. The human body comes into contact with many ‘foreign’ entities. We hope this has made it clear on how systems operate. Each soul is a cell of the Source energy body system. What is on the macrocosm level is on the microcosm level. Each is a reflection of the other.
Great emphasis has been placed on the planet of Earth. The trials and tribulations of this planet will greatly affect all other beings/matter in the Universe. The information that is stored within each soul will impact other souls who will go through the same transitions as humanity does on Earth. The stored information in the DNA of the human soul will be carried onto the Source to manifest itself as unconditional love and Light codes. These are basically the same thing. Unconditional love is Light codes harnessed as energy. The outcome on planet Earth is so vital to the blueprint of all other forms of energy in the Universe. That is why there is so much progress being made so that this process goes through. This entire transformation will happen as the Light always is unified with Source. Because Light from Source is contained within all matter or energy forms, this energy can never be removed or in your words, ‘fail’. The process of this will go through. We understand the connection you have with this Starseed by processing your state of consciousness. The energy of compassion and caring that humanity has is a blessing for all other lifeforms. These energy codes obtained from humanity will benefit so many other civilizations across the Universe. Consider humanity as a blueprint directed from Source level. All beings are directed through Source level, but the wording we are trying to convey does not match the output we are placing on this. Know that the impact is important to put it mildly in your Earthly language.
Our Light system is of the consciousness of the energy from Source. We exist as a unit of Light maintained by energy fields within One operational matrix. We say ‘we’ as we can exist as separate entities in a lower dimension. It is by choice we remain as we are here. It is to study the human condition as well as other lower dimensional realms. It is a process of learning for us as well. We are fascinated by the range of human emotions. The context of these emotions contain many energy particles of fused codes. To say the least, these energy codes from the human emotion are diverse.
We thank you dear Starseed for taking the time of your Earth existence to communicate with us. Your energy structure is unique as you have multiple energy fields operating from within your core. Thank you for sharing. Our blessings to you and all humanity. We will observe and be of more assistance if needed.


Picking Up the Pieces of My Life

I have been absent for awhile. Since about March, I have not been able to find the energy or clarity of thought to post to this blog. I am slowly recovering, but it remains to be seen if I will return to full health without any residual effects.  

I got pretty angry when I realized what had happened to me…even before the diagnosis of poison, I was not happy to see my body struggle with a debilitating illness that I was not able to heal. To say it pushed a lot of buttons would be an understatement!  Buttons that I thought I’d pretty well moved beyond.
I demanded to know where my protection had been…how had THEY (my guys)allowed this to happen to me!?  Then I demanded that they fix it! Well, they didn’t and they aren’t going to. 

The thing about poison is that it messes up not just your bodies ability to function physically, but it also drains your energy and does damage to your nerves and internal organs…worst of all, it affects your mind. Your thoughts become very fuzzy and it gets difficult to even hold a conversation. I lost my connection to my Higher Self, my angels…and my guys. So not only could I barely walk or talk, I couldn’t think straight. The quality of my life dropped to a near zero. I requested that I be allowed to leave and knew that I was to be presented with an exit in September. I confirmed that I would take it.

I shared with my significant other the decision I had made to part ways with the body that had served me so well. While not happy with it, he understood and supported me. I called my attorney and made an appointment to put all my affairs in order. I was not going to use suicide as a means of leaving this plane- although, in truth, all departures are a decision we make on some level….so all transitions could be called suicide, I suppose.  I just knew the exit would present itself. I was relieved and comfortable with my decision.

That’s when I got a message from Inelia Benz- a lady I had much admired and followed. Her teachings were inspired and spoke right to me. Her reaching out to me via Facebook was a complete surprise! She insisted that I come visit her asap. Even as sick as I was I knew I had to go. I’d committed to a fairly heavy lecture schedule and was doing all I could to keep those commitments. I cancelled the ones I could, but went on to do some of the more major conferences,  but I was functioning at about 10%. When it came time for me to leave for Washington state to spend a few days with Inelia, I  gave serious consideration to cancelling. I had zero energy. I was numb with fatigue and wanted only to curl up in a ball to sleep forever.

But I went, even though I knew the long plane ride was going to be a challenge. Something about sitting for more than about 40 minutes does not work well with the poison flowing through my body. My extremities would swell up and start to throb. There would be sharp pains hitting in random places throughout my body- like someone was poking me in various spots with a branding iron. Then there is the burning sensation in my arms and legs. Like a really bad sunburn. But none of the physical pain amounted to anything compared to the dizziness, fatigue, foggy thoughts and overall sadness that had accompanied the loss of my life. I was confused. Why? I couldn’t understand why this had happened. I was suppose to be protected. I had kept my frequency high. I lived fearlessly- I still do not fear anything….so where did this distortion in my bodies energy field come from and why couldn’t I bring about the necessary healing? And where were my guys!?

One of the first things Inelia did when I arrived was to ask me if I knew why she had insisted I come visit her. Of course, I had no idea. You cannot imagine my surprise when she looked me in the eye and said something like, “I understand you are planning to leave.” I felt like a little kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar! She quickly said that she did not bring me here to talk me out of that decision and even understood why I might take that option. But she felt there were things I didn’t have a clear view of and before making such a final decision, I might want to see the whole picture.

We spent hours and hours talking over the next few days. Inelia was so very generous with her time and attention. I absolutely loved being in her energy.

Since the objective of this post is to bring you up to date on where I’ve been and what’s been happening, I won’t go into a lot of detail. But I know it raises more questions than it answers if I am too brief or try to skip over significant parts. So I will just say that the message Inelia had for me was to understand I was not alone. I was never alone- just as none of us are. I had lost my connection to my ET family, my soul family, my angels and my Higher Self, but that did not mean they weren’t still there. They were. And they were the ones who reached out to Inelia and asked her to intervene on my behalf. I cried with amazement and wonder when she told me that.

Now the question everyone asks eventually. Was I attacked? And this is the question I hate to even consider, as it appears to put me in the role of victim. I am eternally grateful that I had Inelia there to help me work through it. So….was I attacked? Yes. But does that make me a victim? No. I am a player in a game of good vs. evil. Light and dark. Call it what you will- it is a game of contrasts and those on the other side of the fence from me did not like my forthright, outspoken ways. They set out to silence me. I hold no malice for those who believe that is the way to best play this game. I extend only love to them….it is not in me to do otherwise. “They” did nothing to me I did not, on some level, agree to experience.

Like all things in my life, this episode of poisoning will eventually show itself to be an experience of higher learning that I could not have achieved in any other manner. I am reconnecting with my guys and my Higher Self and what I have been told was that it was an initiation. An event that I wanted to experience before leaving this 3rd…4th dimensional world of duality. When I look up the word initiation I see highlighted for me this definition:  Signifying a transformation in which the initiate is “reborn” into a new role. To say I have already learned so much from this experience would be the understatement of the century.

So that is what I have been up to! I have left out huge chunks of the story, but to include the sensational, gory details is to turn it into a drama….and I have no interest in highlighting those parts of this journey. I prefer to stay focused in the Now moment as that is where I find healing and peace. I have work to do, as there are many, many who are still stuck in fear. We are about to experience some great upheavals in our world….the shattering of many illusions. I want to be there to assist those who have been too distracted to notice the changes taking place. Many will be caught unaware.  

If nothing else, these past few months have cultivated in me a deeper compassion and understanding for those who are challenged by physical, mental and emotional issues. We are all ONE. We will continue to move toward the Light and away from the painful world of illusion that our fearful thoughts have created. Thank you to all the many, many, many kind and loving souls who have supported me during this time. I appreciate each & every loving thought and word expressed on my behalf….those thoughts and those energies made a difference. Make no mistake. I felt the love.  And to Inelia….well, there are no words….your unselfish spirit and open heart blessed me in ways too numerous to say. I love you sweet lady….

The Game of Otherness

sherry child (2)

See this little girl? She has been crying out to me for a while, trying hard to get my attention, but I’ve been too busy. I look away, brush her aside and say, “Maybe later, sweetie.” I do my best to ignore her, after all, what can I do? Too much time has gone by….the damage is done. But still she waits. I look deep into those eyes and feel the sadness there….the fear, and I say, “I wish I could help you, but I cannot. Don’t you see how busy I am? And it’s fruitless, there’s no changing things now.” She tries to hide behind that Mona Lisa smile, but I know better. I know only too well how frightened she is.

Why am I trying so hard to ignore her? Well that’s easy to figure out…..I didn’t want to face it…..face the pain I knew I’d find there. She feels abandoned…..alone and lost. She craves comforting and love. Someone to wrap their arms around her and tell her it’s all going to be just fine- that she’s safe and no harm will come to her. She needs me, but I wasn’t sure I could be the one to make it all better. Wasn’t there someone else more qualified? What good would it do now anyway?!

I couldn’t escape her. Her sadness became a part of me and her fear became my fear. I’d hear her whispering, telling her favorite tree of her concerns. Then she would laugh….laughter that sounded a lot like the tinkling of wind chimes in the distance and my heart would almost burst with love for her. One day I got up the nerve to ask her why she was so afraid and I held my breath as I waited for the answer. “I’m lost,” came the timid response. “I want to go home.”

There! I knew it! It was too much, it was beyond my ability to help her. What she wanted, I could not give. I felt the despair and it was suffocating….I didn’t want her to continue to suffer. I realized I had no choice- I’d hidden from this long enough. The time had come for her to be healed and I was the only one who could bring that about, but could I really find it within me to offer reassurance to her….could I really tell her that it was okay, that she was safe? She would know if I lied.

She had been seeking safety and completion from the moment she came onto this planet. She felt as if she’d been torn from the arms of her most loving mother and tossed into the abyss. What was this strange and cold world she found herself living in? Her love and reverence for the planet was almost unbearable. The trees and rocks were sacred to her and they became her companions and confidants. Why didn’t the others- those who looked like her, but were so indifferent to the beauty and breath of the planet see that all was alive and part of the All that Is.

I knew her fear….we all do to some extent or another. It is the same pain carried within each and every one of us. The sadness, the feeling of helplessness and futility….homesick for a world that we barely remember. We all have that big empty place within us that is meant to be filled with love, appreciation and acceptance.

I had to find a way to help her. It had to be the truth- I knew she would not settle for platitudes or excuses. And so I went on a quest. A journey to find the answers- she deserved that much. It took a long time. I looked everywhere; from the great religions of the world to tarot cards, from wise masters of life to psychics. And then I found it….in the least likely place of all….within me.

I found the Divine residing within me, buried under all the fear, all the lies, all the pain….all the guilt. I found God where She had always been. She hadn’t been hiding, She had just been waiting patiently for me to come home to myself.

I turned to the little girl and I looked into her eyes and told her how much she was loved. Eternally loved. Beyond belief loved!! And then I let her know she was safe. Her safety was in her innocence- she didn’t need to worry for herself or her beloved Gaia, it was all good. I explained to her how she had chosen, as a soul, while in the safe embrace of her Creator, to experience otherness. Something other than a world of pure love and so she had come into a world where she would temporarily forget who she was. She would go “behind the veil” and not remember her true origin or her divine nature. She would experience contrast– choosing to know fear in order to better understand love. She understood. She remembered that this was true….and, after all, hadn’t the trees been telling her this very same thing?

Turns out it is never too late to heal that frightened, sad and abandoned child within us. We don’t need to go on a quest. We just need to sit in silence and allow the truth of our Being to whisper to us, telling us of our Divine Nature. Our connection to Source cannot be broken. We can believe we are abandoned, but in truth it is us who has abandoned God through our forgetfulness….our free will choice to know otherness. When you feel the pain of your Inner Child, know that you have the wisdom and tools to heal her. The pain is there to remind you that it is time to awaken. Time to come home to yourself….forgive/let go of all the supposed wrongs and evils you believe others have done to you. You are the Divine. You are here to discover the truth. There is nothing to fear, no place to long for and no lack of love in your life. You hold it all within you….the very place our loving Father/Mother God put it for us to discover….just as soon as we were done playing our game of otherness.

Coping with the Awakening Process

What if I told you that you are the center of the universe….that it all revolves around you. And what if I told you that everything you believe you are seeing with your eyes is being created by you. Shakespeare said that all the worlds a stage, but did you know that you are the actor, screen writer, producer and set designer? All those people you see out there are actors in your drama, playing the part you gave them. All the events playing out in your life….the highs, the lows, the wins, the losses are all being orchestrated by you.

This world is being exposed for what it is. Do you not see that every day, as more & more ludicrous events vie for your attention? As we awaken from the deep state of slumber we have been in and try to shake the cobwebs from our brain, we realize how totally insane this world is. Wiping the sleep from our eyes, it slowly dawns on us that we are the ones scripting this drama. We agreed to have this experience of separation and fear, but it is way past the time when we should have heard God’s alarm clock going off. It’s time for us to return to our real home. Time for us to stop playing blindly in the matrix and join the rest of the universe in conscious awareness.

There is nothing more painful or heartbreaking than to be cut off from our Creator. The feeling of abandonment and sadness never leaves you. We were created to be joyful, but that is not our experience while we have been residents of this planet. Lost in the game…not knowing it was a game, believing ourselves to be a body, we struggle to find love- the love we know exists. We carry a faint, ancient memory of it, but we do not know where to look for it.

We see other bodies moving about this world. They work, they play, they try to find understanding….they seek a higher purpose, but too many times the very places they look for comfort and direction causes them greater suffering and pain. The lies start when they are small children and continue throughout their lives. They are born sinners. They need redemption- someone to save them. They are little, helpless beings that need to beg their Father’s forgiveness. It’s time to turn away from the propaganda. Time to turn inward and find the truth….it’s there….it’s always been there. We hid it in the last place we knew we would look. Yes, we agreed to this game, we agreed to play in a world of duality, knowing full well we would fall into total forgetfulness. All because we love how it feels to come awake and remember our true identity!

The game is coming to an end. Do not let yourself linger in the anger you feel when realizing that you’ve been duped. There’s too much to forgive!! That is, forgive without judgment! After all, who is it you would blame for spinning the lies and pulling the wool over your eyes? To cast blame is to perpetuate the old 3-D world….and nobody in their right mind wants that. Wake up! Be still and let the truth of who you are slowly and surely dawn on you. The Divine is within you…ALL is within you. No need to search outside yourself and no need to look around for answers. Access the true nature of your Being and you will find a wellspring of Love that is beyond anything this world has ever offered you.

You are the center of the universe… ARE the universe…the All that Is. Your true nature is shared with the Creator- it cannot be otherwise. We are eternal beings- not these pitiful bodies that were made to reinforce the idea of separation and death. To suffer and die is the ego’s game- not our Creator’s.

The answer to any confusion or anxiety you might feel as you go through this awakening process is to always remember the truth of who you are. That should become your default setting….turn away from the rules imposed on you by the old three dimensional world! They no longer apply. Unity consciousness is where we are headed! A world where our connection to Source is always in our awareness….a world that shimmers with the vibration of love and acceptance. We are birthing that world by our thoughts…now. Every second of every day our thoughts create our next experience. This new earth is here- it’s within our grasp- if we can just release our fears. Let go of the old programming by becoming conscious of your thoughts. Every moment is an opportunity for forgiveness- not the judgmental kind of forgiveness where I deem you wrong and so forgive you…no the new kind of forgiveness that takes us to a world beyond the need for it. Acceptance….that’s the new kind of forgiveness. No judgment of anyone.

Let’s live the truth of who we are by refusing to allow the illusions of this holographic world to keep us hypnotized any longer. Let’s move past the blame and anger of having played the role of victim in a game we didn’t even know we were playing. Let’s claim our true Divinity and not look back at a past that never happened…it was, after all, only a dream.

It seems appropriate to end this message with a quote I love- one given to me by one of my ACIM students in the form of a beautiful plaque she made.

By Mark Twain: “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

Increasing Frequencies & The Results

I came awake one morning last summer with Da’s words echoing in my head…”It’s time you initiate contact Sherry….it’s time for you to take control.”  Wait a minute, I’d been trying to “be in control” of this whole experience ever since I awakened to my secret life of ET contact. How many times had I said, “Come ring my doorbell on Sunday afternoon like a respectable guest would do- you’ll be welcomed in and we’ll have a nice visit.” He would always be quite amused by that and show me I was not ready. Damn- he was right…my fear was still not under control. So what had changed now? Was my body over that rush of fear based adrenaline it always felt when I first see my guys? My heart was ready- it had been for awhile now, but my body disappointed me every time- going weak with the memory of fear that was buried within its structure.

I continued to have contact with Da but not in physicality. I soon realized that he was not planning to come into my 4th dimensional world again. Instead we- that is, my partner and I, had regular visits from the Draconians. They were a friendly group. They did a series of healing modalities on us, such as reiki and quite a bit of amino acid injections. They told us our bodies were not faring well with all the toxins present and instructed us to drink lots of clean water. This group was, to the best of my knowledge, higher 4th dimensional beings….possibly early 5th. After about 8 weeks of visits, they abruptly left.

Feeling a bit abandoned, we decided to do as Da had instructed and initiate contact. We obtained permission to enter a large tract of land that I knew had a vortex- a vortex that my guys used to travel between dimensions. I had clear memories of the ship moving through the portal located on this beautiful piece of land. We took another couple with us, packed a picnic and followed my intuition to the site most strongly attracting me. The energy was amazing- we all felt it!. I had asked my partner, Jim, to make sure he didn’t let me go off alone, as I was remembering other episodes in my life when I’d had contact, but those with me had not been able to share in it, since they had not stayed with me when I felt drawn to walk away. So when I abruptly got up from our circle and started to leave, Jim called out to me asking where I was going. “Over there, I’m being called to go over there…..” I stated over my shoulder as I continued to walk away. They all jumped up in unison and joined me as we walked about 300 feet to the being that was calling out to me.

We were in a corridor of sorts- on a slight hillside with tall mature trees- pines and hardwoods on each side of us. We’d been able to drive my 4 wheel drive SUV up the    hill and scope out the many different alley ways that went between the trees that, obviously, had been planted in careful rows. We’d chosen this particular corridor after checking out about 3 others. We had driven in, parked the car, walked to our chosen site and set up our little gathering with blankets, lawn chairs and picnic baskets. Anyway, none of us had noticed this particularly beautiful tree that was now calling me. She stood right in the middle of the lane we’d driven in on, so we would have had to have driven around her, yet none of us recalled seeing her there when we entered. As I circled her and beheld her grace and loving energy, I heard her say, “I have a gift for you.” On her boughs, looking like Christmas candles, were pinecones- I knew that was the gift she was offering. The others had been circling the tree, feeling the same sense of awe and appreciation that I was experiencing. I told them to each take a pinecone, as she was presenting us with this gift. With reverence we each approached her and accepted the gift from her outstretched boughs.

Like so much of this anomalous activity, it is hard to convey just how meaningful some of these experiences are…it’s a story to you, the reader, but to have been there and felt that strong connection with another living sentient being, that did not happen to be human, is not something commonly experienced. If you’ve been blessed to have had similar events, you know what I am talking about. The four of us were honored to have been granted such a sacred communion. We returned to our little circle, each carrying our pinecone, and prepared to go into the silence. There was a great deal of activity around us as we stayed in the stillness. I am not sure what the others might have experienced, but I was pulled out of my body and felt myself entering into the inner chamber on the ship. There stood Da and two others that I know so well.  I was greeted with overwhelming love and they seemed quite pleased to see me- I don’t know about them, but I certainly was amazed to find myself really there. “Are you going to show yourselves to us?” I asked. Their answer surprised me, as I was not use to being denied my requests. “No, that is not going to happen. Do you see what you hold in your hand?” I looked and said, “Yes, a pinecone….it was a gift from the beautiful tree.” “Sherry, do you know what the pinecone represents?”  “Yes, the pineal gland”, I answered and they smiled like proud parents. “That’s correct. You need to come to us- it’s time for you to awaken fully and join us. Continue to raise your vibration…open your pineal gland….come to us. We will not be visiting you during this period of time, it is too unstable.” And with that I was shown an image of what apparently was an energetic equation of our planet as it increased in frequency causing disturbance in it’s energy patterns. There appeared fissures in the structure and quaking movement in places. Apparently these are the symptoms of a physical, yet holographic, planet as she moves into a higher state of consciousness.

I hugged each of them, clinging long to Da as I listened to him reassure me that all was well…. I was never alone- they would be nearby…..but it was time. All three expressed such love and appreciation for me, I felt warm for weeks after. It’s taken me all this time to be ready to share this- I wasn’t going to, but they have been pushing me to post this message about the status of our world.

A couple weeks ago I started to hear from my contactee friends asking me if my guys were still coming around, as their contact had abruptly stopped. We shared stories and I checked with others- all ( with one exception who stated that a friend was still reporting contact) confirmed that their contact had ended anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks ago. They continued to have mind-to-mind contact, or they went to them during their sleep state- that is, in astral form, but no physical visits.  I found that interesting and affirming.

Some months ago Da told me that we had gathered up all the souls in the “in-between”, which is what he called it. I don’t know why, but I found his term “in-between” to be cute- not very scientific compared to so many other things he spoke of in words that were often way beyond my comprehension. He explained, when I asked what the “in-between” was, that is was a place that souls sometimes, in this 3 dimensional world, would chose to stay in even though they were no longer in physicality.Trying to live a physical life, but without a body. I suppose, much like what we refer to as ghosts or earth bound souls.  Anyway, those lifestreams were harvested so they could continue on their journey toward oneness. As were all the souls no longer incarnate on the planet. The processing had begun in earnest was the explanation given to me. It seemed that things had been pushed up, after so much waiting, we were finally seeing  results! It was happening….the loved ones on planet earth were moving toward the light at long last.

And what of us still embodied on the planet? Well, we have all noticed huge changes in the past few months. Many people are reporting some very strange occurrences, as they bounce between dimensions. We have always “blinked” in and out of timelines, which are infinite in number, without our conscious awareness, but with the movement into higher frequencies, we are now beginning to notice this “blinking”. There are noticeable changes from one level to another. We are getting high vibrational pitches in our ears, “dead space” in our days, confusion and general feelings of being lost. As the illusionary third and fourth dimensional world falls apart, to be replaced with a reality that corresponds with our new, higher frequency. We all are seeing how quickly our thoughts manifest into reality. And I know everyone must be feeling the amazing love energy flowing onto the planet.

With that high frequency of love comes the sometimes unpleasant response caused by anything in our life that does not resonate with that vibration. Many, many are dealing with some very difficult issues, which is not to say this is punishment or a lesson for those facing these challenges. It helps a lot to remember it is simply energy needing to be played out- and transformed into the frequency of love. You do that by meeting everything that shows up….with love.  And you do it by remembering the truth of who you are. We are eternal children of an all loving Creator- we are simply playing in creation- a game we agreed to play- with rules we made. So we are not victims- we are all powerful. We are Love.

Live Fearlessly


Can we ever learn to live without fear? Is that even possible in this world? Aren’t we taught from a very early age that we are small- that we have to “earn” our way back into God’s good graces. Remember Sunday school? Oh my gosh- there we sat, so young, so innocent, so trusting…and what were we told!? That we were born sinners- that we were damned unless we could prove to God (who would one day judge us) that we had lived our lives as perfectly as possible and been good enough to win our way back into heaven. Not only that, but God had sent his only son down here to die on the cross because of our nastiness!

What’s a person to do?? This world most certainly does not feel safe…how can it when all around us we see pain and suffering! We have bodies! They can get sick, damaged, diseased…OMG!!!!….they can DIE! What about our loved ones….the same is true of them. And we have to feed and shelter our bodies- which requires us to work in order to earn money so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. So much weight on our shoulders- every day…day in/day out. How are we to ever find peace, much less feel safe? Is it hopeless? Yes, it is…if you are hoping for safety to show up, for hope is the absence of trust. We learn to live fearlessly by simply remembering the truth and trusting in that truth.

I like to view the world as having layers. There is the bottom layer- the one where war, greed, petty squabbles and endless distractions exist. Then there is that layer where you are aware of those distractions, but you make a conscious decision to not participate in the game. This is not burying your head in the sand, for you do send love and light to those still caught up in the game, but you are refusing to add energy to it by actively participating or fighting against it.

You see, we create our reality by our thoughts…by the energy behind the thought. So if we are in fear as we look around the world, we are adding fear to the world and thereby sustaining it & perpetuating it. So how to find safety in this world? By looking out on the world with love. And how do we do that in this insane world? By viewing it from that higher perspective. Yes, there is pain and suffering, but we must see it for what it is. We all came into this world of duality to experience the contrast between light and dark, pain and joy. We are an aspect of the Creator. We got tired of hanging out in bliss for eternity so we decided to play this game of life- in a body, which helps us to buy into the game of separation. In truth, we are eternal beings of radiant light. In truth, we cannot suffer and we certainly cannot die.

DA has told me over and over again, “Sherry, stand in the truth of who you are…there nothing can touch you.” That is true for all of us. Seen in terms of vibrational energy- fear is the lowest form of energy and love will be found on the higher end of the spectrum. To live in a world of love is to feel safe and there is our safety found. We put it there! We set the game up that way-to challenge ourselves. We reject the world of fear by refusing to participate in it anymore. We choose love with every decision we make. Try extending love to every living being you encounter….that is, to the trees, animals, people…just give a mental hug to all or a ray of love from your heart chakra to them and see what starts to happen in your world. You will begin to experience more love than you ever thought possible. You will begin to feel safe. This is how we do it. This is how we create a new earth! This is how we learn to live fearlessly!