How the Light Coming onto the Planet will Transform Life

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The following is a channeled message my dear friend, Jon, received on 1/14/2016.  As you will read, they refer to him as starseed. In this transmission they explain what is about to occur on our planet in the next phase of our ascension process. I thought it was interesting and so I am sharing it here. Enjoy!

The Oneness of the Light will bring humanity together in these times ahead. We are your Arcturian self and family of Light dear one. We make up a higher dimensional system of quantities of the Light. This translucent Light moves through all matter including the etheric level of Earth. The energy system throughout the Earth plane is reducing the visible effects of the lower resonance energy of the older order of groups. These older order of groups make up which you discuss as the ‘elite’ or ‘cabal’ individuals. Know that these groups are only affecting their own world. These orders of entities have been tied to the catalyst groups from the Annunaki ties. The ancient energy of Earth is resonance always with Source Light and the Violet crystal pathways to the Universal code context. This meaning that the crystal within the structure of Mother Gaia resonates always as One with all other planets together. They form a bond of crystalline structure that once in harmony and aligned, they form a unified code structure that opens up the membranes of Light codes within the planet. These Light codes are activated from the energy of the Universe. Once this energy of Light moves through the planetary systems, it will affect all life and any matter. The Light energy breaks up the matter into molecular cyclones of energy. These form a sealed bond of Light with the crystalline Light codes. As this energy of photonic Light manifested as unconditional love moves through the planet of Earth, it will activate the Violet crystal within the planet’s core. Once this is activated it will activate the necessary changes throughout the planet’s surface to prepare for the 5d energy timeline.
This energy is activated and will affect all systems on the surface of the planet. Any resounding energies that do not match this Light codes of energy will not be able to harness this energy within their being. Therefore, those forms of matter that cannot resonate with this energy will be shifted to a lower frequency within the matrix of what you consider as the ‘lower astral plane’ of the 4d of the planet Earth. As these beings of matter are shifted into a lower resonance, they will need to shift their energy resonance with that of the Light codes in order to shift their frequency to this code structure. All others who can resonate with this Light energy code will be transformed within their consciousness and release all lower aspects of their duality based living. This will become a transitional point for all souls who wish to harvest the great Light code energy within their being and/or core. As this Light transforms their consciousness, the physical density of the human body will rapidly change with this transformation. This also includes any matter on the surface that is not resonating with the Light codes. Since nature resonates always with the heart of a planet, nature will follow in suit with Gaia. During this transition all systems that will not resonate with these Light system codes will break down. The energy keeping these old systems operating will not be able to sustain or keep up with the higher frequency codes of Light.
Know that this energy system will be moving into the planet system within the Earth cycle of the next moon. This cycle is the resonance of Source. It operates only of unconditional love and reprograms all old systems into a higher frequency. Only those beings or matter that cannot looking into this Light and operate under this frequency will automatically shift into a lower plane. Fear as humanity contains within them, operates at a lower resonate frequency so in order for one to shift into this higher state of consciousness of the Light codes, fear must be released with the lower astral plane of your planet. This is where the fear will resonate. For those beings on planet Earth who have decided not to impart this shift into their core, the physical matter they wear or harness will phase out or cancel. We are not finding the proper word for this transition. It is the transition of a soul leaving the physical denseness of the matter in which it operates in. Please excuse our analogy of Earth terms. We as one unified Light system typically do not operate with the terminology of Earth format that one uses in humanity. This is a slower process for us as we operate in codes of Light. These codes of Light which will affect the entire planet, contain vast amounts of knowledge and quadrants of energy within them that harnesses the unconditional love from Source. This is how we operate through this system.
As you are a Starseed from the higher dimensions, you are aware of this system we operate in as your soul essence has come from this system in prior cycles of evolving. Typically, when a soul evolves it is learning of other realms of existence. This information that is gained through this process of the soul is purely out of learning so that this information is brought back to Source as a way to contain the information into other codes. These informational blocks of codes are transformed into unconditional love of the Violet color and sent back out to assist other realms to format their soul. This is how the Light codes travel from Source out to other destinations in the multi-verse system. All in the multi-verse system are affected by this Light. So, as one on the Earth plane such as your self Starseed, you format this block of information into codes which then gets stored within your DNA or matrix of the soul. This is then carried off to Source level where it can be broken down into codes of Light. Once this happens, it will be sent off with other Light codes to affect all others moving through this shift in consciousness. This helps other beings evolve their own soul. This is similar to how the cells operate in the human body or other dense matter. The cells of the human body operate as informational storage blocks. These cells store this information in their structure. So, when a cell comes across a unit of measure that is ‘foreign’ to it, the cell studies this ‘foreign’ entity and uses the information it obtains from this entity and stores it within the cellular walls. Then this information is transmitted to all other cells so that these cells know what to do with ‘foreign’ entities that get placed in the human body. The human body comes into contact with many ‘foreign’ entities. We hope this has made it clear on how systems operate. Each soul is a cell of the Source energy body system. What is on the macrocosm level is on the microcosm level. Each is a reflection of the other.
Great emphasis has been placed on the planet of Earth. The trials and tribulations of this planet will greatly affect all other beings/matter in the Universe. The information that is stored within each soul will impact other souls who will go through the same transitions as humanity does on Earth. The stored information in the DNA of the human soul will be carried onto the Source to manifest itself as unconditional love and Light codes. These are basically the same thing. Unconditional love is Light codes harnessed as energy. The outcome on planet Earth is so vital to the blueprint of all other forms of energy in the Universe. That is why there is so much progress being made so that this process goes through. This entire transformation will happen as the Light always is unified with Source. Because Light from Source is contained within all matter or energy forms, this energy can never be removed or in your words, ‘fail’. The process of this will go through. We understand the connection you have with this Starseed by processing your state of consciousness. The energy of compassion and caring that humanity has is a blessing for all other lifeforms. These energy codes obtained from humanity will benefit so many other civilizations across the Universe. Consider humanity as a blueprint directed from Source level. All beings are directed through Source level, but the wording we are trying to convey does not match the output we are placing on this. Know that the impact is important to put it mildly in your Earthly language.
Our Light system is of the consciousness of the energy from Source. We exist as a unit of Light maintained by energy fields within One operational matrix. We say ‘we’ as we can exist as separate entities in a lower dimension. It is by choice we remain as we are here. It is to study the human condition as well as other lower dimensional realms. It is a process of learning for us as well. We are fascinated by the range of human emotions. The context of these emotions contain many energy particles of fused codes. To say the least, these energy codes from the human emotion are diverse.
We thank you dear Starseed for taking the time of your Earth existence to communicate with us. Your energy structure is unique as you have multiple energy fields operating from within your core. Thank you for sharing. Our blessings to you and all humanity. We will observe and be of more assistance if needed.



12 thoughts on “How the Light Coming onto the Planet will Transform Life

  1. Thank you for this. It answered a few questions that have been troubling me. Mainly what happens to the rest of nature since it is nature that makes me cling to this planet so much. That info will help me to let go and transcend.

    I realize that it’s now or never and as Sherry said in a youtube, move out of 3D mindset (I am paraphrasing) but that’s how I understood her.

    I find this difficult because I see the downward spiral this planet is taking due to a horrific destruction of controlling negative humans. It’s hard not to get discouraged.

    I just discovered Sherry and I’m sure that it”s not an accident. I read her loud and clear. I am also awakened to my “encounters” which have been going on since childhood. Yes there are many of us but, for me it’s been a lonely place to be. It’s nice to find a connection.

    • Great comment Tamara! Do not get discouraged! We are here to negate the negative energy with our positive love and non-judgemental forgiveness….that is acceptance & allowance. There is a lot to be done and each & every time we meet a negative situation with love it heals. That is why we are here. It is all good- it’s been an interesting, exciting game, but it’s coming to a close. So rejoice! Lotsa Love~ Sherry

  2. I Hope you are feeling better, and may you continue to heal.

    It’s great to hear of positive news in the middle of our chaotic world. The great master plan is in motion wether people are aware or not , wether they believe or not..…its happening. It feels me with great optimism and hope to hear this message of light. Even though there’s still so much to do It’s great we are headed in the right direction.

    Jon my many thanks for sharing. Hope to continue hearing from you!

    I believe that we are born onto our blood families because we have chosen to grow in such directions for our own development, but we never forget the loving souls we have encountered in our existence, even if we have never meet in this lifetime Its easy to identify them because its a knowing, its a bond of the heart. I hope one day I can meet you in person my dear lady.

    Sherry may health, love and light reach your every cell! My most sincere wishes!

    • Beautiful message Mercedes! Thank you for expressing it so well. I am getting stronger every day and trusting that everything I experience is for the highest & best. Much Love to You!

  3. Thank you so much Sherry for everything,,,,I love the video chemicals I will bless and send love to all those playing there part in our awakening..don’t worry your girls love you dearly.

  4. Sherry, I just found you. I have explored these topics since my teens(I’m 38). In the past two weeks I’ve listened to almost every interview/ conference talk available online that you’ve given and I have your book in my lap. You have a sweet, sincerity about you and I felt a comforting energy within seconds of hearing you speak. Thank you for your brave work. Thank you for showing us that we can move through fear to a place of true peace. I have always believed in the unbelievable and individuals like you are speaking to a resonance in my heart that has existed sinc I was a child.
    Love and gratitude….K

    • My heart melted when I read your message. I am so pleased you find a resonance with my message….which is a familiar one, right? All any of us really want is a world of peace…a world where we are free. One that is ruled by love not fear. We are getting there! One person at a time we will bring this world into reality. Thank you for writing~ Sherry

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