The Game of Otherness

sherry child (2)See this little girl? She has been crying out to me for a while, trying hard to get my attention, but I’ve been too busy. I look away, brush her aside and say, “Maybe later, sweetie.” I do my best to ignore her, after all, what can I do? Too much time has gone by….the damage is done. But still she waits. I look deep into those eyes and feel the sadness there….the fear, and I say, “I wish I could help you, but I cannot. Don’t you see how busy I am? And it’s fruitless, there’s no changing things now.” She tries to hide behind that Mona Lisa smile, but I know better. I know only too well how frightened she is.

Why am I trying so hard to ignore her? Well that’s easy to figure out…..I didn’t want to face it…..face the pain I knew I’d find there. She feels abandoned…..alone and lost. She craves comforting and love. Someone to wrap their arms around her and tell her it’s all going to be just fine- that she’s safe and no harm will come to her. She needs me, but I wasn’t sure I could be the one to make it all better. Wasn’t there someone else more qualified? What good would it do now anyway?!

I couldn’t escape her. Her sadness became a part of me and her fear became my fear. I’d hear her whispering, telling her favorite tree of her concerns. Then she would laugh….laughter that sounded a lot like the tinkling of wind chimes in the distance and my heart would almost burst with love for her. One day I got up the nerve to ask her why she was so afraid and I held my breath as I waited for the answer. “I’m lost,” came the timid response. “I want to go home.”

There! I knew it! It was too much, it was beyond my ability to help her. What she wanted, I could not give. I felt the despair and it was suffocating….I didn’t want her to continue to suffer. I realized I had no choice- I’d hidden from this long enough. The time had come for her to be healed and I was the only one who could bring that about, but could I really find it within me to offer reassurance to her….could I really tell her that it was okay, that she was safe? She would know if I lied.

She had been seeking safety and completion from the moment she came onto this planet. She felt as if she’d been torn from the arms of her most loving mother and tossed into the abyss. What was this strange and cold world she found herself living in? Her love and reverence for the planet was almost unbearable. The trees and rocks were sacred to her and they became her companions and confidants. Why didn’t the others- those who looked like her, but were so indifferent to the beauty and breath of the planet see that all was alive and part of the All that Is.

I knew her fear….we all do to some extent or another. It is the same pain carried within each and every one of us. The sadness, the feeling of helplessness and futility….homesick for a world that we barely remember. We all have that big empty place within us that is meant to be filled with love, appreciation and acceptance.

I had to find a way to help her. It had to be the truth- I knew she would not settle for platitudes or excuses. And so I went on a quest. A journey to find the answers- she deserved that much. It took a long time. I looked everywhere; from the great religions of the world to tarot cards, from wise masters of life to psychics. And then I found it….in the least likely place of all….within me.

I found the Divine residing within me, buried under all the fear, all the lies, all the pain….all the guilt. I found God where She had always been. She hadn’t been hiding, She had just been waiting patiently for me to come home to myself.

I turned to the little girl and I looked into her eyes and told her how much she was loved. Eternally loved. Beyond belief loved!! And then I let her know she was safe. Her safety was in her innocence- she didn’t need to worry for herself or her beloved Gaia, it was all good. I explained to her how she had chosen, as a soul, while in the safe embrace of her Creator, to experience otherness. Something other than a world of pure love and so she had come into a world where she would temporarily forget who she was. She would go “behind the veil” and not remember her true origin or her divine nature. She would experience contrast– choosing to know fear in order to better understand love. She understood. She remembered that this was true….and, after all, hadn’t the trees been telling her this very same thing?

Turns out it is never too late to heal that frightened, sad and abandoned child within us. We don’t need to go on a quest. We just need to sit in silence and allow the truth of our Being to whisper to us, telling us of our Divine Nature. Our connection to Source cannot be broken. We can believe we are abandoned, but in truth it is us who has abandoned God through our forgetfulness….our free will choice to know otherness. When you feel the pain of your Inner Child, know that you have the wisdom and tools to heal her. The pain is there to remind you that it is time to awaken. Time to come home to yourself….forgive/let go of all the supposed wrongs and evils you believe others have done to you. You are the Divine. You are here to discover the truth. There is nothing to fear, no place to long for and no lack of love in your life. You hold it all within you….the very place our loving Father/Mother God put it for us to discover….just as soon as we were done playing our game of otherness.


16 thoughts on “The Game of Otherness

  1. Dear Sherry,

    I can’t tell you how timely this article is for me. It touches me so deeply and I feel like you are speaking for so many of us who have felt frightened and weary for so long. We have all the love we need in our lives is so true and you’ve reminded us so beautifully here.

    Much love to you,

  2. Thank you Carol for taking the time to write. I am so happy the article resonated with you! It is easy to fall under the spell of the illusions, right? Love & Blessings to you~ Sherry

  3. Wonderful, your writing continues to be poignant and resonating. I look forward to reading your posts immensely. I have similarly worked with my young self, I believe it is almost like time travel (and it may actually be so). The significance of that type of healing cannot be underestimated. I am a student of Adyashanti, I know you like him, too. Be well!

    • I also believe it is a form of time travel….time being only an illusion of the lower dimensions. I actually remember as a young child feeling these surges of love flow through me and knew, on a deep level, it was my future self extending that healing energy. I felt so protected and safe when that would occur- it made a huge difference for me.
      Thank you for writing. I appreciate hearing from you Rich.

  4. Sherry, I saw you last year at the Transformation Conference in Springdale. I enjoyed listening to you and I bought your book. I enjoyed reading it and I am grateful that you wrote your book! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!!! Much love and many blessings to you!!!

  5. Sherrie, I have been listening to your book on Audible and I want to Thank You for having the courage to allow it to be published. In a world where fear is so prevalent and image has been pushed ahead of truth your openness will have a huge impact, it has for me. It will help to give courage to those of us who are raising our vibration and remembering who we are. We have to be patient with our loved ones who have forgotten and haven’t made the step to surrender.

    Love, Ted.

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  7. Hi Sherry, heard you the other night on rense radio show, very interesting info, thanks. I had my own awakening moment back in 2009, I been seeing UFOs for years now and had personal experiences with them. Your info just furthers my belief and that there are Starseeds here, including myself, trying to help the planet out of these troubled times. Thank you.

  8. Hi Sherry,
    This is so beautifully written, I can’t wait to read your book ‘The Forgotten Promise: Rejoining Our Cosmic Family’
    I had a massive spiritual awakening in 2011, without trying to, I was completely blind and I wasn’t searching for fulfillment, so I am still not sure why I had such a powerful awakening, I truly felt the earth move, the grass grow and everything became so beautiful, like my black and white world had suddenly turned into colour, so very colourful and the joy and happiness I felt, my heart was beating so fast at times, I felt so happy I thought maybe I would die really it was so intense.
    I slept for weeks with my arms outstretched toward the heavens and felt so much love all around me, it was like I was in another dimension, everyone around me noticed the change in my appearance, mannerisms even my voice toned down and became softer and I was filled with so much wisdom about the planet. Prior to this awakening and encounter with God I didn’t believe in God or anything really but I feel so much love from God. I continue to grow spiritually and I know I have so much to learn here.
    Today whilst out walking, I saw a jet flying toward me, pumping out it’s poison, without thinking I immediately applied (what I had learned you did, from watching your video on chemtrails, just last night) so much love directed toward the jet, then I turned around and another jet was flying in the opposite direction, I applied the same to this jet, sending out so much love from inside me out toward the jet, picturing as you did, the pilot, the sky was so blue and the sun shining brightly and at the time flying above me and circling me was so many birds, so many I lost count after 20, white and many black coloured birds, I couldn’t make out what type of birds they were but they were squawking loudly…well, I looked toward where the first jet was and it had vanished and the chemtrail, the same with the other jet, replaced were fluffy white clouds and the birds had flown off!
    Amazing, powerful experience but what amazes me more is my calmness, I wasn’t overcome or shouting out loud & excited, which I thought I would do…wow amazing so thank you so much, you are such an inspiration and I thank you so much for posting the video in which you said you didn’t want to make at first.
    Universe fractals are incredibly complex things, spreading over multiple dimensions and spiritual realms, and I look forward to exploring this universe and other realms and to find my spiritual guides, I saw as a little girl but am hoping to connect with them again soon and find what place and work I have to do here.
    when I saw you in one of your videos, I felt I knew instinctive atmosphere or quality seems to surround you I saw beautiful colourful auras all around you.
    Blessings and may lots of joy be showered on you, continue to shine your light,.. thanks again. 😉

    • This was so wonderful for me to read….I savored it. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your story & experiences! So inspiring!! You lifted my heart! Much Love to You~ Sherry

  9. Sherry tells this story so creatively and beautifully, and tears of sadness and then joy were not far from being shed when I read it. I shall read it again many times. It’s familiar to me, too. It’s never too late to heal that inner child who feels so lost, separate, different or who has been very deeply hurt or damaged. For all the help we can gain from the “experts”, ultimately the healing can only be done by ourselves. We do this, as Sherry says, by playing the role of mother to our own inner child-self. I agree that this must represent an oddity in “time travel”, in that it’s said that linear time (past, present, future) is an illusion, and that in reality it’s all taking place simultaneously. In my case, it took a total of 57 years to almost complete the process (!), and I’m not sure that it’s ever completely completed. It can’t be, if time past is still happening in the time continuum. But the hurt can be much reduced. I’ll TRY to be as brief as I can with my story.

    I was born on 7 April 1947 to an Irish woman. I do not know the circumstances of the pregnancy (there is a suggestion that this was illegitimacy and possibly the result of adultery), but she could not keep me and I was legally adopted on 19 December 1947 at age 8 months, having been with the adoptive family from about 5 months old. My adopted Mum and Dad were good people, but in those days silence was kept about the circumstances that had led to adoption and I was never told anything. This only changed in 1975 when it was realised that every adoptee deserves to know. I was told that I was adopted but nothing more. At about age 7 I asked Mummy, “Why was I adopted?” Her answer was, “Your real mother didn’t want you.” That was it. About the worst thing you could tell a child and it may not even have been true. However, I then asked, “Why did YOU choose ME?” And she said, “You were the only one who was crying”, but no further information. In later life I assume that this meant that she had been given a choice, perhaps in a home or hospital for “unwanted” babies, and that was me in a crib at the end of the line bawling my eyes out..!

    My adopted Mum died in 1966 when I was 19. I was with her. She suffered a massive and fatal coronary seizure. She was afraid and panicking, knowing that she was about to pass. As she began to lose consciousness, I put my arm around her shoulders and said, “Be still”. She immediately became still but had passed by the time the ambulance came to the house. I have since learnt that the sense of hearing is the last one to go, so I’m fairly sure she got the message and she would have known that this is part of a Biblical quotation: “Be still and know that I AM God”. But here was another loss – I lost the chance of an ongoing relationship between adult mother and adult child.

    So I had lost two mothers by the age of 19. The first was the vital genetic mother who had given me a body through supplying her mitochondrial DNA. The biological mother-child connection is so fundamental and has features that cannot be replaced by any other woman. The second was my adoptive mother who had chosen me, given me a name, and supplied all my physical needs. It was not until I was 35 that my adoptive Dad finally gave me my original birth certificate with the name that my birth mother had given me (Ann) and the hospital chaplain’s christening certificate dated 21 April 1947, my Irish birth-mother very likely of Catholic faith.

    Well, I will leave the reader to imagine to what depths of unhappiness this child sank as she grew into adulthood. Frequent episodes of depression including suicidal ideation, and slow-cycle bipolar disorder. The circumstances led to what is called “attachment disorder”, which makes intimate adult relationships problematic and short-lived. Basically, adoptees have been severed from that initial biological mother-child attachment which is vital for a healthy development. When I finally got myself to a therapist specialising in adoption issues, he asked me to write down a list of my perceived losses of all kinds – it was a very long list. But we worked through all the issues for a month.

    Fortunately, from a very early age I had a strong sense of my “soul” or “higher self”. I learnt to repeat to myself when afraid, “There’s nothing to fear” and “Everything will be OK” (and that, I now realise, was me becoming a mother to my inner child). My spiritual practice started at about age 18 with mantra meditation by age 20 (half-an-hour at dawn and dusk every day for many, many years). Lots of reading of the spiritual classics of Christianity, Hinduism & Buddhism, and by the 1970s almost every self-help book I could lay hands on, and hours spent in Watkins, London’s body-mind-spirit bookstore – they usually had to push me out the door by closing time! By the 1990’s right into “new age” reading, including channelled material and the same information that Sherry’s book is a vehicle for, in particular the Three Things to Remember – so I recognised immediately that Sherry’s material contained the same stuff. Information on Earth changes and our transformation to higher consciousness also well “under my belt” by now. And so, like many others here on the blog, it was instantly recognised.

    I’m now pretty sure that (as far as we choose our birth circumstances) I chose these circumstances for a particular reason – in order to learn self-reliance and a strong measure of independence in this 3-D world, and perhaps in order to have the opportunity to pursue a spiritual path without the distractions of marriage or children (!), as I haven’t had either being hopeless at relationships as they’re normally understood in the old paradigm. Now at age 70 I live a life of reasonable contentment, peace and creativity. And my challenge now is to turn fully outwards to others and be a help to them, using my own life-experience to support them wherever the opportunity arises and in whatever way. And to continue to work on myself, because this goes on and on.

    Of course, the funny thing is that in ordinary human biography I didn’t know who I was, and still don’t because I’ve been unable to trace any biological family. But, there you go, it seems that the only identity I really need to have and know is that “I am”. As Sherry says above, our connection with the Source cannot be broken. “Be still and know that I AM (God)”, and it’s the same for everyone’s “I am” – each self is a separate, unique, and absolutely precious manifestation of the divine creator, who brought forth the universe in order to experience self in a multitude of forms.

    P.S. For anyone interested in the adoption issues, best book is Nancy Newton Verrier, “The Primal Wound: understanding the adopted child” (1993 thru 2000), Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD

    Sorry for such a lengthy read – good job cyberspace is a sort of infinity!


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