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Can we ever learn to live without fear? Is that even possible in this world? Aren’t we taught from a very early age that we are small- that we have to “earn” our way back into God’s good graces. Remember Sunday school? Oh my gosh- there we sat, so young, so innocent, so trusting…and what were we told!? That we were born sinners- that we were damned unless we could prove to God (who would one day judge us) that we had lived our lives as perfectly as possible and been good enough to win our way back into heaven. Not only that, but God had sent his only son down here to die on the cross because of our nastiness!

What’s a person to do?? This world most certainly does not feel safe…how can it when all around us we see pain and suffering! We have bodies! They can get sick, damaged, diseased…OMG!!!!….they can DIE! What about our loved ones….the same is true of them. And we have to feed and shelter our bodies- which requires us to work in order to earn money so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. So much weight on our shoulders- every day…day in/day out. How are we to ever find peace, much less feel safe? Is it hopeless? Yes, it is…if you are hoping for safety to show up, for hope is the absence of trust. We learn to live fearlessly by simply remembering the truth and trusting in that truth.

I like to view the world as having layers. There is the bottom layer- the one where war, greed, petty squabbles and endless distractions exist. Then there is that layer where you are aware of those distractions, but you make a conscious decision to not participate in the game. This is not burying your head in the sand, for you do send love and light to those still caught up in the game, but you are refusing to add energy to it by actively participating or fighting against it.

You see, we create our reality by our thoughts…by the energy behind the thought. So if we are in fear as we look around the world, we are adding fear to the world and thereby sustaining it & perpetuating it. So how to find safety in this world? By looking out on the world with love. And how do we do that in this insane world? By viewing it from that higher perspective. Yes, there is pain and suffering, but we must see it for what it is. We all came into this world of duality to experience the contrast between light and dark, pain and joy. We are an aspect of the Creator. We got tired of hanging out in bliss for eternity so we decided to play this game of life- in a body, which helps us to buy into the game of separation. In truth, we are eternal beings of radiant light. In truth, we cannot suffer and we certainly cannot die.

DA has told me over and over again, “Sherry, stand in the truth of who you are…there nothing can touch you.” That is true for all of us. Seen in terms of vibrational energy- fear is the lowest form of energy and love will be found on the higher end of the spectrum. To live in a world of love is to feel safe and there is our safety found. We put it there! We set the game up that way-to challenge ourselves. We reject the world of fear by refusing to participate in it anymore. We choose love with every decision we make. Try extending love to every living being you encounter….that is, to the trees, animals, people…just give a mental hug to all or a ray of love from your heart chakra to them and see what starts to happen in your world. You will begin to experience more love than you ever thought possible. You will begin to feel safe. This is how we do it. This is how we create a new earth! This is how we learn to live fearlessly!


17 thoughts on “Live Fearlessly

  1. Hello sister, it’s finally nice to meet you. Your words are my words, your knowledge is mine, I have been looking for you, so far have collected for soul members of my group, your words are mine, if you go through my blog you will see that we are each other. I’m at a loss for further words, I too volunteered, my job is theme is “justice”. I’m to shine the light of justice, my whole life has been about justice and being fair, helping those that are used through injustice. Thank you so much for staying and continuing with our work. I love you

    • Hello Ines and thank you for the sincere and kind words. I quickly looked at your blog and am intrigued to go back to spend more time- hope to do so before too long. As I keep saying it seems, over & over again….we are all finding each other! Now is the time for this to be happening-we set it up that way! How cool is that! I am loving this “remembering” process! Little by little we move toward the Light and it gets sweeter every day! Love and Blessings to you! Sherry

  2. Hi Shari,

    This is a beautiful essay and a wonderful reminder of keeping ourselves aligned to the Truth that is Love. As the world challenges us it is important to read and connect with words of inspiration and love. Thank you for sharing your heart and insights.


  3. Found you on youtube this morning…I wasn’t looking at UFOs or abductions or anything remotely like that, but noticed an hour long interview you had popped up…I was hooked from start to finish….read this blog….and cant wait to get your book. Its exactly what I needed today.

  4. Sherry, at your presentation at the Mufon meeting in New Brighton, Mn last week you put up a slide that said no one is a victim, that there would be no perpetrators if there were no victims. Would you please explain that further. Thanks!

    • It is the same energy….just different sides of the same coin. That is true of all things in duality as it is just energy. We see it being played out in form before our eyes, which we believe is showing us a random act. But in truth all the shows we put on for ourselves in this world start with a thought….energy. It is our judgment of the things we see that cause us pain & discomfort. In truth we come into this 3rd dimensional world to experience….simply experience. We don’t really have anything to learn or any sin to amend for….we just want to experience otherness. Something other than love and light. So when it comes to people being victimized, the truth is they made an unconscious decision to experience playing that role…and so the energy went out and they attracted to them someone who was willing to play that part for them. Many times it is a contract you made with the other soul, as that soul wants to see what it is like to be the tormentor. We have all at some time in our vast history as souls played the dark as well as the light. It just is. There should be no judgment of any of it. I hope this helps. In Oneness~ Sherry

      • Your explanation definitely helps. I will no longer see people as “victims” or “perpetrators”, or “good” or “bad”, but instead people just playing roles to experience something other than love and light. Thanks so much!

  5. Why would you want to live without fear? It’s like pain. They are both indicators that something is very wrong. I believe you had a great deal of fear in the begining of your abduction. Why would you want to continue with the deceivers?

    • Hi Deeds, I’m Aubrey. I live without fear because I value peace. My life is a rich wonderland of adventure, shifting between states of intense electrifying ecstacy, or collapsing into deep indescibable peace, or melting into precious loving emotions…yummy.. this is why I choose to live without fear. I am replying not to boast but to perhaps explain that this way of being in the world is entirely possible for anyone and everyone.
      Or …to put this into a more sensible perhaps useful context..
      “Yes Mr Deeds, fear is very important. Fear protects people. I would NEVER suggest anyone ever attempt to make contact with anything not from this world. But there may comes a time when fear is no longer necessary,which happens when we value love and peace.Then one is motivated to conquor their fear.
      When I choose peace, I moved into the country.I am content living a simple life..yet I have 3 kids, and grandchildren, and all of the complexities which come with them.
      My mother is my best friend. I hope this helps, best regards, Aubrey
      Also, my out of this world friends are a blast, my personal guide has a great sense of humor.

      • Hello Aubrey, I appreciate that you took the time to replay to Deeds message! I simply could not find the energy to do so…..and I figured if he/she read my entire book and STILL didn’t get the message I didn’t think a few words here would make a difference. I believe the saying…”You can lead a horse to water….” might be fitting. We awaken when we choose to awaken. Words from another can certainly be a catalyst, but the soul needs to be at the proper point in their journey to hear the words without overriding fear.

        I loved your email….it brought me joy to read it as I tapped into the energy behind the words. Beautiful….you are a blessing in this word simply by living your truth. Keep letting your light shine, dear heart. ~In Oneness, Sherry

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